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This site is the virtual home of Kabobbles Publishing.

We at Kabobbles strive to provide quality fiction at an affordable price. Our goal is to give our readers a bit of entertainment presented in the best formats possible. Currently we offer ebooks and blog fiction. Feel free to browse the sections of the site to learn more about us, our writing, our art, and to see samples of the writing and the art. When the inspiration is flowing, there can be daily updates, so sometimes it is worth visiting often to see them. Sometimes not. These new updates will be in the Kabobble’s Choice section or to one of the serials. Currently, there is not a sequel being posted, but there will be soon, so look for that announcement and the story.

Also, we’re about to launch a test run of the Kabobbles Sing Along Album Challenge.

The site has experienced a lot of downtime and inactivity. If you are curious about why, some answers can be found here and also here.

If you would rather just read, here’s a brief rundown of where you would want to head:

The list of the serialized novels is click here.

If you’d like a bit of shorter fare, then you can sample some historical fiction in Grace’s story or a bit of contemporary drama in Fi’s story.

Also, check Kabobble’s Choice. It is home to all sorts of odds and ends, but there may be something of interest hiding in its archives, including bits from completed novels and serials.

Ebooks for sale can be found through this link.

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