It’s been a little rough health-wise since we got back, and so not all plans have come to fruition and some updates got neglected.

It’s true we haven’t been up to much of late, as we explained before (see this post for more information.) Still, we’ve got print copies of three books in hand, and should be resuming the Kabobbles Sing Along Album Challenge when I can. The idea still is to ease back into writing, and to that end, I am still working and making slow progress.

Also, please remember we have titles available in print. is out in print now, with a revised cover. Look for the ebook update soon.

The Consultant and the Cat is also available. It was released as an ebook four years ago, but now it is in print alongside our other newer publication.

That new release coincided with the 2017 New London New Brighton Run. Forgotten Legacy, formerly the serial Inheritance, is now available in ebook and print.

Again, continue to bear with us as we resume normal operations and prepare for some changes. We are working toward more new releases in both ebook and print, new serialized fiction, and a new design for the site. Also, we have some updates for previous releases also in the works, including new covers and formats.

Once again…

Welcome to Kabobbles Publishing

This site is the virtual home of Kabobbles Publishing.

We at Kabobbles strive to provide quality fiction at an affordable price. Our goal is to give our readers a bit of entertainment presented in the best formats possible. Currently we offer ebooks, blog fiction, and selected titles in print. Feel free to browse the sections of the site to learn more about us, our writing, our art, and to see samples of the writing and the art. When the inspiration is flowing, there can be daily updates, so sometimes it is worth visiting often to see them. Sometimes not. These new updates will be in the Kabobble’s Choice section or to one of the serials. Currently, there is not a serial being posted, but there will be soon, so look for that announcement and the story.

Thank you for your visit.