Yet Another State of the Kabobbles

I keep meaning to update the website, and then I get bogged down by health issues and the other logistics of the updates I want to do falling through. I’ve been meaning to release something else as a serial for a while now, but I’m missing a few things for that.

I’ve gone through several attempts at fixing the cover for Whim to release it in paperback, but it hasn’t worked yet. It looks fine until it comes back from the printer. When it does… there’s always some annoying flaw that I can’t stand, mostly owing to the spine not getting aligned right no matter how much space we give it according to their guidelines.

It’s been an ordeal, and I think I actually threw the last copy of the book across the room I was so mad.

I haven’t touched it in months as I don’t know that there’s any way to make what I want and what the printer gives me align at all.

In the meantime, my migraines have taken a turn for the worse and now come accompanied by painful earaches. This is especially bad in the cold and means I can’t go outside or even sit around the house at times without having them covered, they’re just too sensitive.

So I am working on managing that as best I can, but the ear pain can be debilitating enough to keep me from leaving the house or moving out of bed even more so than the migraines were before. I don’t drive with them, and sometimes I just want to curl up in a ball and cry.

I have been working on writing when I can, but it’s been a few false starts and not much progress.

I’m still hoping to do a cover and get a serial running.

I’ve also been hard at work on a semi-self-improvement project… I’m trying to reshape the space I’m in to better help manage things, and I’ll probably talk more about that later.

I just figured it was about time for one of those “no, I’m not dead” messages, though if anyone’s been keeping up with the prompts I do on tumblr, they know I’m not. I just haven’t managed anything else lately, and for that, I apologize.

I will hopefully be up to more, especially if the weather gets nicer.

Today’s Grand Accomplishment: Brushing My Hair

Oh, sure, let the mockery begin, but I have just one question for you…

Have you ever brushed your hair with a migraine?

If you have, you know what that’s a great feat. It’s not half as simple as it sounds. Or as we take for granted.

Which is to say that of late, the frequency and severity of my migraines has increased, and I’ve actually been sick on and off since October, when I came down with pneumonia. Between the migraines, the lingering issues from the pneumonia, an increase in my anxiety and panic attacks, plus a crazy work schedule, I’ve been sick a lot.

I’ve managed to keep up with work, barely, but between work, being sick and the dismal failure that was Nano last fall, I haven’t had much to speak of on the writing front.

I’ve been down with a bad case of writer’s block, too, much as I wish it was different.

This weekend is the first time I’ve felt up to doing much of anything with my time off work, so I’m hoping to have something to share for a change. We’ll see how it goes.