Kabobbles Publishing would like to thank:


The readers, both before publishing and after. Special thanks to the author’s mother, who reads and promotes almost every story. The twins, who once read everything. And other friends who have read things as well.

The author’s family, for their generous forbearance.

The cover artist’s family, for allowing Mommy to be taken away to create pictures.

The creative team behind LibreOffice, the writer’s word processor of choice.

The creative teams behind Paint.NET and GIMP, the programs used for mocking up covers.

The team behind Calibre, the epub conversion program.

The team behind Sigil, which allows for editing said epubs.

The group at the Office of Light and Letters for the Nanowrimo program.

The Automattic team for the Dusk to Dawn wordpress theme.

Three Word Wednesday, Sunday Scribblings, and Carry On Tuesday for offering prompts that lead to some of the fiction on the site.

Tuesday Serial, for being a place to share and read serial fiction.

Liana Mir for friendship, prompts, comments, and support as well as good reads.

Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathrine Rusch for invaluable insights into the world of publishing.

Please support the freeware makers by using their products, telling others about them, and donating if possible. Read and support the blogs if you can.


We at Kabobbles (yes, even the cat) thank you all.