The Whole Kit and Kabobble

Fresh Kabobbles

This is the news section of the site. Anything that’s new or news from us will be there. This will be for things that need to stay up longer or be more visible than a facebook or twitter post.

For the News

Kabobbles on Art

The section of the website dedicated to art.

That means, of course, previews of forthcoming cover art, concepts for cover art, art that helps inspire or influence stories, discussion of current projects, and possibly even revelations of older artwork.

Browse a bit of our gallery

Kabobbles on Kabbobles

This is the section of the site for random personal details about the people behind Kabobbles Publishing.

Okay, we’re not all people.

The cat is better than human, after all.

More about us

Kabobbles on Writing

The section of the website dedicated to writing.

That means, of course, writing philosophies, discussion of current projects, curses and woes and character discussion, plots, what went into writing a story, what didn’t make it into a story, all of that fun kind of stuff.

Discuss the Written Word

Kabobbles Sing Along

This could also be the “Kabobbles Soundtrack” section, but I thought that it was sillier and therefore┬ámore appropriate to use the Sing Along bit.

This section is dedicated to music that has helped inspire fiction or art or fits the story at a given moment or even just happens to be inexplicably stuck in my head.

Sing a Song

Kabobble’s Choice

The section of the site that offers you various selections of Kabobbles fiction. This is not the same as our books available for purchase. No, these gems are here for your reading pleasure and without cost to you. Enjoy, but enter at your own risk.

Divert yourself with some fiction

Kabobbles Serials

Compelete Consumption – Science Fiction Serial

Inheritance – Mystery Serial

Fire and Water – Science Fiction/Fantasy Serial

The Not-So-Super Superhero – Comedy Serial


Prompts by Kabobbles

The section of the website where prompts originally posted on tumblr are collected together to view and use.

Need a prompt? Try here.