All the Memories

So… there have been times when I put this song on repeat and listened to it over and over and over again.

I just thought it was so beautiful.

Depressing, but beautiful.

When I went to write the latest part with Luna and Tynan, where she was discussing memories, I couldn’t help but remember this song.

Luna tries to explain that he still has memories to hold onto…

The memories ease the pain inside
Now I know why

…but Tynan is not comforted by that thought.

Luna knows, having lost her mother, that people aren’t gone as long as they’re remembered.

All of my memories keep you near
In silent moments, imagine you’d be here
All of my memories keep you near
Your silent whispers, silent tears

So what he needs to remember is that he can still hold onto the times they did have.

Together in all these memories
I see your smile

All the memories I hold dear
Darling, you know I’ll love you till the end of time

Kabobbles Sing Along is just what I think when I hear songs. I sometimes see images when I hear lyrics, pictures or movies in my head. Sometimes I relate it to stories. My interpretation of the songs and lyrics are probably nothing like their original intent.

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