And We’re Back

We cannot deny that we have been absent, nor can we say that it was always with good reason. Many things factored into a silence from us that has only now been able to be broken.

It is our hope that things will be more stable in the future and no long absences will occur again, but due to the unforeseen nature of life, we make no guarantees.

Still, now that we are back, things are in the works. One book has gotten to a printed proof, and once the formatting is perfected on it, it will be released both in print and as an ebook. This story was a serial on the site, though it now has an updated cover and a new title.

Past visitors may recall seeing us giving updates about the site being in testing and a new design. That is still coming, though it was delayed, and hopefully we will have that soon.

Also, we do plan on returning to posting serial fiction again. The last few slated serials were incomplete at the time of posting, and that did create some problems, leading to one never materializing and another being pulled. The next serial should be a completed work, but it’s not quite ready to go up yet.

The Facebook page has been resurrected again, and it should stay up this time, though with Facebook, it’s hard to be sure as they threatened to pull it due to activity mere hours after we posted to say it was back online.

Things are in the works, and while we do not have confirmed release dates yet, there will be new things to enjoy soon. Thank you for your patience, and we hope you enjoy your reading.

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