Aquatic Oversensitivity

Author’s Note: So this answers the prompt Occie/Stone: bubble bath.

The thing is, Occie can be a bit sensitive about her water.

Aquatic Oversensitivity



“Did you some how lose your memory and forget who you married?”

He came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her and rocking her. Oceana closed her eyes, trying not to let him distract her. She did not understand what he thought he was doing, but this was not amusing. “What makes you think I could ever do that?”

“You said you were going to start a bath.”

“I did. In fact, I didn’t just start one—it’s full and ready and waiting for you to enjoy it.”

She shook her head. “Should I say something about you having rocks for brains? I am water. I don’t do bubble baths. Ever. I can’t stand salt in my bottled water. I don’t do dishes because I can’t tolerate soap. I don’t do chlorine or fluoride in my water and I—”

“I’m going to ignore that comment about rocks and remember that I have always loved you,” Stone said, and she grimaced, about to apologize, but all of that was forgotten when he lifted her up and carried her over to the tub.

“Put me down—and not in that adulterated water. Do you have any idea how many chemicals are in that stuff? I am not touching that water.”

“Occie, do you trust me?”

“Usually, yes, but this is—”

“Touch the water. Do what you do with it, that forensic deconstruction that I envy so much.”

She frowned, but he lowered her to where she could touch the water. When her fingers dipped into the tub, she cursed herself for being a fool. “When did you have time to ask Cress to do that?”

“Not telling. Now are you going to get in your bath or not?”

“Only if you’re getting in there with me.”

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