At It Again

Author’s Note: Well… I can’t admit that I knew what I was going to post until a few minutes ago. I had nothing. I couldn’t think of a single silly piece to yank out of something I’d already written. I was in a real mood, and nothing seemed funny. It still kind of doesn’t.

I asked for prompts, but I was unfortunately unable to use the one I was given (not their fault, they had no way of knowing that I hate that movie,) and so then I was getting desperate when I looked up and saw the print of this picture my friend gave me years ago.

And I wrote. It’s short, it’s kind of sweet, and I don’t know how funny it is to anyone else, but I kind of liked it, surprisingly.

At It Again

“Your horse is doing it again.”

Dillon blinked, setting down his papers with a frown. He ran a hand through his hair, wondering how he’d managed to get straw in there this time. Must have been her fault—usually was—but he hadn’t noticed until just now. “Doing what again?”

Larina gave him a look, knocking her braid off her shoulder and leaning back against the door frame, boots scuffing against the floor. “You have to ask?”

“I suppose I shouldn’t,” he said, laughing. He rose from the desk and went to the window, looking out at the field and shaking his head. “You’d think Thunder was still a colt the way he plays. Silly horse.”

“Yes, well, he’s your horse. You get to deal with him.”

Dillon didn’t bother fighting the smile curving his lips or reminding her that she was the equine vet, not him. “Yes, dear.”

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