Good News, Bad News, and Just News

So I have to apologize. I’ve had a rough few months this winter. I’ve been sick near constantly, for one thing, and it seemed like just as soon as I got better, I got sick again. I’ve had some interesting drama with my other job, and now I can’t say that things are settled or that I am actually cured (I may be getting sick again.) However, I have what I believe should be considered good news:

A new writing project and serial is forthcoming. I’ve been percolating it for a bit, and I’ve dug up some pieces to start making a cover for it with, so that should be up soon.

Bad news: I am shelving Better than Dreams again. Unfortunately, the story still has major issues that I cannot figure out how to fix, so it will sit until I do.

I believe that is it for news, unless someone really wants to know that I have yet another headache and sore throat.

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