I’d Show You, but Then I’d Have to Moon You

Or so I said when I was trying to figure out just how injured I got falling down the stairs.

Not the whole flight. I’m just bruised.

Though I’m certain that more injuries and bruises will show up later, I’ve already discovered pulled muscles in my shoulder and around my knee. This is going to leave me sore for a while.

About twisted my pinky nail off on my right hand and tore up the skin on my elbow, hit my back and landed on my butt. I asked my friend if she could see anything on my back, but there was nothing there. The only other spot to check would have been my rump, but alas, I did not feel like mooning her, so I checked that on my own in the mirror.

Can’t see anything at the moment, but I suspect there will be a bruise there… In some senses, not a full moon then?

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