Complete Consumption

- A Serialized Novel -

A child of the vortex, subject to an insatiable hunger, he fights against his own nature to consume.

Author’s Note: Well, someone was going to have to point it out to him eventually…


They were to go to the museum again. Strangely, Tynan didn’t think he minded that. He didn’t know that they would see anything different from the last time they were there, but he was still excited to go. Luna would make it interesting. She always did. She just needed to finish whatever it was she was doing back in the part of the shop that was her home.

He would not be impatient. Humans needed longer to get ready than he did, or than Alvin did, and while Alvin was nosy enough to go find her, Tynan was not.

He frowned. Since when had he started using that name? He did not know that he’d ever felt comfortable with it, but perhaps now that Luna had suggested that he claim it as a species instead of the vortex. That was not possible, but her opinion was an interesting one.

“What are your intentions toward my daughter?”

He looked up, surprised to hear Luna’s father talking to him. He studied the other man, not sure what to think of the question. Luna’s father seemed less angry than usual, but what that meant was debatable. He did not know the other man well enough to tell. “I am not sure what you mean.”

“What are you planning to do with my daughter? Do you intend to do the honorable thing, or will you abandon her now that you’ve gone through what little money she had? It’s not enough that you convinced her to give up her medication. How far do you plan on ruining her?”

That almost angered him. “Luna is not ruined. She is radiant. Have you seen her smile lately? That is beautiful. She is happy.”

“How happy is she going to be when you leave?”

“I have no intention of leaving.”

“Then you think you get to live here, do you? Do you think you can have all this and do nothing for it?”

“Sir, I have not harmed your daughter. She seems to enjoy being with me and with Alvin. In fact, she has many times expressed extreme displeasure with the idea of me going anywhere. I would not wish to leave her, either. I do not require food or shelter, so you need not concern yourself with my effect on her finances.”

“But you don’t plan on marrying her.”

He frowned. “Marrying?”

Her father shook his head. “You young people today. You think that it’s good to be liberated and progressive, that all that matters is that you’re adults. If it’s love, it’s enough. That’s all you want and all you care about. You don’t think about the effect on children or even on yourselves.”

“I suppose you would not know this, but children are… not possible, and I am not sure that you understand what is between me and Luna at all.”

“You are ruining her life. You have seen her with children, haven’t you? She’d be a good mother. You’re robbing her of that chance.” Her father walked away, muttering under his breath as he did.

His eyes fell to the floor. Love. Marriage. Children. Those were all things that humans—some, not all—desired, things they wanted to have. He did not know what they all were, what they meant, but he did not want to keep Luna from those things if she wanted them.

He needed to know what they all signified, needed to know what he was keeping her from. She was supposed to be out in a minute, but he did not want to face her before he knew what any of this was. He had to find that first. He would find it now.

“Friend Tynan, Friend Luna said to tell you she’s coming but that she lost something in her room.”

“I… I have to go find something of my own. I’ll be back soon.”

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