It Doesn’t Have to Be Nighttime for a Nose-Torpedo

And other tales/observations from the strange world that Kabobbles Publishing inhabits… (reposted from the Kabobbles blog of 11/23/11.)

1. Apparently, the way to celebrate Columbus day is to make mini models of the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria and burn them in effigy. Well, that or flush them down the toilet.

2. Using an empty straw wrapper as a nose torpedo and sticking it up your child’s nose at lunch is a perfectly acceptable pasttime. Especially as this evokes a hilarious shudder of revulsion from Grandma.

3. This is repeatable, with bonus points, by turning it into an ear torpedo.

4. Letting a baby hold onto a zombie game in the store is not only priceless and strangely adorable, it makes the clerk want to take pictures of said baby holding said zombie game.

5. Take the pictures of baby with the zombie game. Then watch baby hug the zombie game some more and drool on it for good measure.

6. Sometimes your family will actually volunteer to watch children. That’s a shock, but enjoy it when it happens just because.

7. Fish tank pebbles make excellent game tokens… If one can remember the rules of the game.

8. Strange epiphanies will occur at random moments, always. The idea of the logo for the software part of Kabobbles is inspired, I think.

9. Sitting down to eat just “half” a piece of pie because you’re already full doesn’t work. You’ll eat the whole thing. So there.

10. Your keyboard may be more valuable than you ever imagined. Since, you know, apparently my computer’s bluetooth won’t turn on since I replaced my keyboard and no longer have that key. Awesome, right?

11. Ten was a nice even number, but I went with eleven just to be contrary. I don’t even have anything remotely amusing to say here. 😛

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