Live to Tell

In doing a particular series, I couldn’t help noticing how much of a part secrets played in the whole thing. The first book hinges on one secret, and the second book on another, and the two characters go through a lot in trying to keep these secrets, first hers and then his.

I have a tale to tell
Sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well

Their path is full of lies and evasions and pain from the past.

A man can tell a thousand lies
I’ve learned my lesson well

At times, they want to run. At times, they’d give anything not to be alone.

If I ran away, I’d never have the strength to go very far
How would they hear the beating of my heart?
Will it grow cold, the secret that I hide?
Will I grow old?
How will they hear?
When will they learn?
How will they know?

Hope I live to tell the secret I have learned, ’til then it will burn inside of me.

Kabobbles Sing Along is just what I think when I hear songs. I sometimes see images when I hear lyrics, pictures or movies in my head. Sometimes I relate it to stories. My interpretation of the songs and lyrics are probably nothing like their original intent.

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