Fire and Water

- A Serialized Novel -

Enya Royston has hidden from herself and her abilities, fearing the destruction that always comes with using them.

Author’s Note: Finally managed to get the name in there. 🙂

Names and Puns

“I think that was everyone,” Moira said, rubbing her neck and hoping they’d managed to find everyone in the town that the water elemental had frozen. The locals were starting to stir, and a lot of suspicion would fall on them as soon as the denizens were over the shock. “We need to get a move on.”

Occie blinked, and Sherwin took hold of her arm, propping her up. She gave him a bit of a smile, too exhausted to do more. Moira had never seen her like this, not even after the hurricane, but she knew that this couldn’t happen again. “Not without Cress, and we still don’t know where he is.”

Sherwin nodded. “We also need to make a decision about what to do with… him.”

The rogue grimaced. “Thanks. A lot. I mean, I know I can’t stand against all of you, but I do have a name and a right to go where I please.”

“Maybe. Maybe not. We still haven’t figured out what you’re doing here or if you’ve been a part of any of this. You come warning us that Cress was in trouble, but what did you gain from it? Were you working with them?”

The firebug glared at her. “I might not be one of you, might be what you call a rogue, but I’ve got a conscience. I may want the other one dead, but I know I can’t accomplish that alone. Your water elemental might be able to, but I know I’m not that powerful. I’ve got limits. Besides, he killed my sister, and she was the stronger of the two of us.”

Moira let out a breath. “I’ve never seen anyone as strong as that bastard is. Cress probably comes the closest to him, but even he’s got limits.”

The rogue nodded. “He’s something else. Only other one I’ve seen who can mess with the rain. Managed to put out my lighter. Quite the trick. He’s not… I don’t know… related to the other bastard, is he? Because if he is—”

“Our parents were both water. I believe our grandparents were, too. We may be as much as fourth or fifth generation purebred water. Of course, he’s better at controlling it than I am. He’s not—” Oceana broke off, turning around. Had she more energy, she would have run toward the figure at the end of the street. Instead, she smiled, relief giving her more stamina. “Not dead, thank goodness.”

“Let’s get going,” Sherwin said. “We can grab him at the end of the road.”

Terra shook her head. “We haven’t decided what to do with him, remember?”

“Damn it, the name is Flint,” the rogue said, grimacing as he did. “Flint Astin, actually.”

Moira found herself smiling, shaking her head. She wasn’t the only one. He frowned, looking around at them. “Okay, that’s not usually the reaction the name gets. They like to laugh when they hear I’ve got a name that matches up with my element.”

“This is one of those moments where I get to say join the club,” Terra said, laughing. He continued to frown, and she just grinned wider. “I’m Terra Landon. Moira and Sherwin Weatherly. Enya Royston. Oceana Washburne and you’ve met her brother Cress.”

Flint shook his head. “Nice to know I’m not the only one who got cursed like that. Maggie, she had a normal name, nothing to do with her element, and she loved to rub it in my face that I got one that might as well have been a pun.”

“Thought you people knew when to run. Why are we standing around chatting?” Cress asked, and Sherwin moved from supporting Occie to her brother. Cress managed a smile, but Moira didn’t like the look of him, not at the moment.

“Waiting for you, for one thing. What happened?”

“To make a long story kind of short… we argued, I got mad, and when he wasn’t inclined to let me leave, I retaliated. His was worse, and I couldn’t counter the freeze on everyone, so I decided to take the civilians out of the equation. Storms make nice wild goose chases, don’t you think?” Cress stumbled, and Occie went to hold up his other side. “Tired. Going to be very incoherent soon.”

“I know. I’m surprised you’re on your feet. Or almost on your feet.”

He shrugged. “May have passed out for a while. Can’t remember.”

“Let’s get you in the car.”

“One… more… thing. Emotions… seem… genuine.”

Moira nodded. She didn’t know that they could afford to leave Flint behind, not now. “All right. Everyone in the car. We need to get moving. Cress bought us a bit of time, but not much.”

“You letting me go? No trapping me in the ground this time?”

“No, Flint. You don’t get to go free. We’re going to keep an eye on you for a while. You can either get in the car or get dragged after us by the wind. Choice is yours.”

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