Not Broken

Author’s Note: I think I could get used to the idea of little drabbles that are sort of… character studies. Or something. I could see myself turning this into a longer flashback, though. Always with the longer bits.

This is Mackenna, from the mystery serial I’m doing, or at least… a moment of hers only 100 words long, using an old 100wordstories prompt: broken.

Not Broken

No matter what, she’s not broken.

She was a mess, she’d admit that, and she didn’t have more than a dollar to her name, but she’s not broken. She might be standing on a stranger’s doorstep, not sure it will open to her, might be acting out of sheer desperation, out of fear and who knows what else, but she didn’t give in. She didn’t give up. She didn’t crawl inside herself or in a bottle. She’d packed up and moved on, and she was still on her feet, more or less.

She still had that. She was not broken.

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