Occasionally a Mushroom

I have my own sense of fashion.

Perhaps a lack there of.

Either way, I wear a unique mix of clothing, probably as eclectic as my music collection. With the start of a new story, this aspect of my life found a way into the story–though I am not Effie and she is not me. It is just that I was able to give her a love for vintage clothes that I share.

Effie, of course, wears them better than me. 😉

She never looks like a mushroom.

Okay, that’s mostly my hat, admittedly, but it does an excellent mushroom impression. A psychedelic mushroom, that is. It almost matches my coat of awesomeness, which is why I’m willing to brave the wilds–that is, show my face at my niece’s school–with a mushroom hat.

psychedelic mushroom hat

coat of awesomeness top

coat of awesomeness bottom

coat of awesomeness (terrible lighting, the coat is purple)

It looks even better when you add in accessories like pseudo-hippie glasses and headphones for an mp3 player.

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