On Updates and Prompts

So there has been a lot of silence around here and none of the promised things have appeared. I don’t think I can really go into detail about most of that, but I will give a short explanation. We’ve been dealing with some legal issues that mean a temporary suspension of publishing and posting.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I can put new fic up right now. I want to, desperately, but circumstances are preventing that just now.

I will try and do something for the more neutral sides of the website, but no promises there.

If you would like to see more fic, I would love to share it or even just talk about it with someone, though that would have to take place off-site. Let me know, and I will try and get fic to you. Email is my preferred method, but I’d try other ways if someone was interested.

Also, if anyone would like to pass along prompts, I’d be willing to give them a shot. I’d have to send the responses through email most likely, but I welcome the opportunity to write and share that with anyone willing to read it.

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