One Popular Kitty

Author’s Note: So most of the time, when I think of popular, I think of it in a negative light. The popular kids picking on the social outcast, the quote about what is right not being popular and what is popular not being right, all of that.

So I was going to skip Sunday Scribblings because I couldn’t be nice about it, but then for some reason, this came to me. This is just a simple moment with characters from The Consultant and the Cat, a book I am planning on releasing soon.

One Popular Kitty

“You’ve become popular all of a sudden,” Persephone said, frowning at the stacks of mail that cluttered the office. The room wasn’t big enough in the first place, but the more of Randolph’s papers and case notes that appeared, the less this felt like a business and more like a dumping place for all of his junk.

“Not me. The leopard.”

Persephone blinked, not certain if he was joking or not. Sometimes with Randolph, it was difficult to talk. She’d blame that on the accent, but everyone knew he was not as foreign as his speech patterns might suggest. “The leopard?”

“Mmmhmm,” he murmured, pointing to the first stack of mail. “Those are the ones who want to sue me for damages incurred via leopard. These are probably not legitimate offers of consulting jobs since they are addressed to her. Those there are the ones that want Katya to appear as a spokesperson or celebrity or trained monkey.”

“Trained leopard.”

Randolph nodded, an absent yet deferent movement. His shoulders slumped, and she stepped close to him. She hoped he didn’t have another one of his migraines, though she’d bet he was close to one. “How bad is it, honestly?”

He shrugged. “Oh, taking one or two of the endorsement deals would likely cover any damages, should the suits be won.”

She whistled. Based on what she thought people would expect to get out of any lawsuit against the leopard, those had to be very lucrative endorsement deals. “That much?”

“She is an infamous leopard.”

Katya growled from behind them, bumping Randolph’s leg. He reached down to pat her head, a vague half-smile on his face. “Yes, love, your reputation is well-earned. I know. You are a most deserving leopard.”

“You’re going to give her a big head.”

Randolph laughed, moving his fingers back to scratch the cat’s ears. “You do realize she already has one, don’t you?”

“In comparison to other cats or in attitude?”

“I think her head is proportional to her body, and it is not fair to compare Katya to some pet store kitten. She has never been anything less than… extraordinary.”

Katya yawned, pretending to be bored. Persephone knew she wasn’t. The leopard loved to hear them talk about her. Randolph might even do it out of self-preservation. “You know that she is quite capable of being smug. She is far too proud of her role as a matchmaker.”

“Marcie never complains.”

“About his wife, no, but I worked with the man a lot longer than you did. Marciano can be very vocal about his opinions.”

“I’m sure.”

Randolph grunted. She knew he knew he was being baited, but he still went for it. “He considers himself my babysitter.”

“I don’t think he needs to do that anymore. After all, you are protected by a notorious crime-solving leopard. A heroic one who saves lives.”

Randolph looked down at the purring leopard. “Now who is giving her a big head?”

4 thoughts on “One Popular Kitty

  1. peggy says:

    This is great! I want to read more. A smug, crime-solving leopard, and the relationship between Persephone and Randolph is fun.

    I hope you announce the release of the book.

    • kabobbles says:

      Thank you. It was really more fun than should be allowed to write about Katya and the others, though she’s the one that stole the show all along.

      I do have a very brief snippet that also involves the leopard, but it may be quite confusing, fair warning. It’s here:

      I am hoping to finish up the last few necessary steps and have the book ready and out by the end of the week, end of the month if I can’t make the week, but I will be making plenty of fuss when I do get it out, I promise. 🙂

  2. Liana Mir says:

    Seriously cute.

    • kabobbles says:

      Thanks. I blame the leopard. She makes almost everything cute… well, better, if not cute. 🙂

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