Helplessly Hoping

So, most of the time when I put something in Kabobbles Sing Along, it’s something that has inspired me in some way, not something I gave as a prompt to someone else.

I can’t say I didn’t think this song had a relevance to any of my characters or stories. It does.

This song reminds me pointedly of Alec Forsythe and Lady Stasia from The Lady in Black and Back in Black.

The first part of the song, of course, reminds me of Alec and the way he watched over her before she’d even acknowledge that he was helping her.

Helplessly hoping
Her harlequin hovers nearby
Awaiting a word
Gasping at glimpses
Of gentle true spirit

This part, of course, is her:

Love isn’t lying
It’s loose in a lady who lingers
Saying she is lost
And choking on hello

However, part of the reason I wanted to post something about this song was that I took this section, here:

He waits by the window
And wonders
At the empty place inside
Heartlessly helping himself to her bad dreams
He worries

and gave it as a prompt, leading to this piece from Liana Mir, Abyss Looking Back.

Of course, I do like the chorus, too.

They are one person
They are two alone
They are three together
They are for each other

Kabobbles Sing Along is just what I think when I hear songs. I sometimes see images when I hear lyrics, pictures or movies in my head. Sometimes I relate it to stories. My interpretation of the songs and lyrics are probably nothing like their original intent.