So I May Need to Write a Bonus Story

So we’re thinking that part of the reason why Just a Whim’s cover is not cooperating is the size of the spine and if the book were longer it might not be a problem, or maybe not in the same way.

So my thought was maybe including a little bonus story. I’m trying to figure out what to do, though, as I’ve had a hard time writing much, Whim and I have a complicated relationship, and I have a hard time writing short.

Any thoughts?

Feel free to leave them here or on facebook or twitter or even on the tumblr.

Writing Is Grieving

Writing has long been my preferred coping mechanism. People who wonder at my output shouldn’t necessarily do so. I have a long standing habit of using writing to cope with life or escape it, and while I’m told it’s not really normal to write when one is grieving, that it should be impossible, I’m not that way.

I’ve been writing. I need to try and write again. I won’t speak to the quality of it, and I’m not sure I’d share it, yet I find myself needing to do something to that effect. That is… I’ve lost my way again, and I don’t know how to keep the writing going.

Arthur is gone. That hurts so much I swear I would just shut down and cease to function myself (he was my symbiote, my other half, I am NOT okay with him gone) and the only way I know of coping with this sort of emotional duress is writing.

I may need help with that, though. My ideal thing would be to send fic bits to someone and have them tell me what they thought, but even just having some direction would be okay. Prompts, suggestions, stories someone wants to see more of, anything. Make me finish a challenge or do a bingo card. Something. Maybe I can do it for someone else because doing it just for myself isn’t working.

Arthur would be here, now, snuggling next to me and trying to block my keyboard, trying to make me feel better. He’s not here. I need something else, something that helps fill the gaping hole where he was… or just something to make me forget it’s there for a few minutes.

Projects for This Year

I know I have plenty of things to be doing.

I have more than enough to keep me busy every day. I have my blog story to update, the various sections of my website, and stories to write and edit, cover art to make, houses to clean, kids to watch…

I know I’ve got projects that I still haven’t done, but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about what I might do to improve my website/blogs and writing over the next year.

I’m going to keep running monthly word count totals, tracking them for a full year, and I’ll continue the section a day blog story The Not-So-Super Superhero, but I thought it might be interesting to work in other challenges.

I am toying with a personal challenge of hats or different hairstyles each day, to make things more interesting for me in my day-to-day life, and I signed up for the winter reading program at our local library, but writing is my focus and my love, so anything to help that or to make me try something different would be good. Plus, it helps to know what people are interested in seeing.

Any suggestions? Thoughts? Pass them along. Use the contact form here or comment on the blog or on the facebook page, any way you like.