Pen Names

It’s kind of overdue for me to talk about having pen names.

I dabble in a lot of different genres, and while I was reading up on things, I came across a recommendation for having a different pen name for the different genres. That way, people who enjoy mysteries won’t be confronted by a bunch of science fiction or fantasy, and my more satirical stuff can be separate from my normal writing, which tends to be a bit more dramatic. So, at present, based on my completed novels, all waiting for edits and covers, these are the current names I’m writing under:

Jocelyn Aitkin – mysteries, suspense, & historical mysteries
Allowyn Nyrti – science fiction
Bryawyn Tyrawood – fantasy
Atora Gainsborough – romantic drama (not sure if it qualifies as chick lit)
Jayna Addison – satire/comedy

So… while so far everything fiction on the site is all written by the same person (me,) there will be other names floating around, just for classification sake when they’re published.

Here’s some Kabobble’s Choice links to the different genre pieces:

An excerpt from the Nickel and Dime series for suspense/mystery: Early Morning Call
The start of Complete Consumption, a science fiction serial
The beginning of a story I ended up classifying as fantasy: Strange Place to Make New Friends
A bit of my one romantic drama: The First Stage of Grief: Denial
Comedy from The Not-So-Super Superhero.