Kabobbles Sing Along Album Challenge

I have found much inspiration in music and lyrics over the years, and that got me thinking that, with some artists having more than one song that helped spawn writing or that I thought should spawn some sort of fiction, that doing a whole album’s worth of songs would be fun and interesting.

Ideally, I suppose, they would all feature on the same story line or characters, but I am not going to limit it that way since that may not be feasible.

So the idea is, take some part of the song, the whole thing, a snippet of the lyrics, or the title, and use it to create a piece of fiction. If someone else saw this and wanted to do non-fiction, they should. I happen to hate non-fiction except for a few subjects, so that won’t be me.

I’d suggest a 100 word minimum, and knowing me, sprawling things are likely, but that seems a good starting point.

Steps to Complete an Album Challenge:

1. Select an album
2. Write a piece related to each of the songs in some way
3. Share online

For the first challenge, I chose First Aid Kit’s “The Lion’s Roar”

1. The Lion’s RoarSeeking out and Searching for You
2. EmmylouThe Complications of Language and Breakfast
3. In the Hearts of MenChosen Roles
4. BlueCan’t Keep Reaching for What You Don’t Have to Give
5. This Old RoutineStill Standing
6. To a Poet –
7. I Found a Way –
8. Dance to Another Tune –
9. New Year’s Eve –
10. King of the World

I am currently debating whether or not to do the bonus tracks from iTunes.

Since I stalled out on The Lion’s Roar, I chose to start a new one when I revived it. I will hopefully go back to the other one, but meanwhile, here goes round two.

Melanie’s Stoneground Words

1. Together AloneThe Wrong Time to Go to the SupermarketNighttime Comfort
2. Between the Road Signs Sentiments On and Off the Road
3. Summer Weaving The Light Under the Door
4. My Rainbow RaceOne More Try
5. Do You Believe?
6. I Am Not a Poet (Night Song)
7. Song of the South, Based on a Theme from Song of the North, Adapted from the Original
8. Maybe I Was (a Golfball)
9. Here I Am