Grace and a Historic Painting

So, periodically, when I am working on stories, I go looking for pictures to help inspire them or to help me formulate what a cover for them might be.

A few months back, writing Grace’s story, I went searching for historical pictures, and even though I know that the time period would be wrong if I kept the word suffragette in the text, I couldn’t help kind of falling in love with this piece.

It doesn’t help that it’s out of copyright, either. That meant it was one of few cover mockups I almost could use. Of course, I cropped it for the cover, using just the man in the chair and the woman behind the screen, since her nervousness fit with what was going through Grace’s head at times.

I like the painting as a whole, though, too.


I got it from wikipedia.

Here’s what I did with it, nothing fancy, not at all. Still, it makes a nice cover for the story on my phone.