Despite being domesticated by the circus, the leopard that owns former FBI profiler Dalton Randolph still knows how to hunt. After all, despite his attempts to return her to the wild, she always finds him again. The leopard claimed him, and she keeps hold of what she wants.

Trained to know how criminals think, Randolph uses his skills to aid law enforcement in locating them. Some offenders suffer a few bites on their way to justice, but that just saves Randolph from having to to shoot them.

In a small college town, a serial rapist has been hunting, taking advantage of whatever opportunity presents itself, though he displays a certain preference in his victims.

Facing a crime spree that her department lacks the resources to combat, local detective Persephone Reynolds agrees to have Randolph consult on the case. No one mentioned the leopard.

A versatile and opportunistic hunter in the wild, a leopard stalks its prey. The would-be hunter stalking the streets will regret coming up against a real predator.

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