The Goal Here Is Writing

And admittedly, that’s been difficult of late. There’s a lot of stress, a lot of sickness, and considerable setbacks in the form of a disastrous Nano (yes, there is 50,000 words. No, they are not good) and some other hiccups that aren’t really things I want to discuss.

I have things I need to work on as a person, but as a writer, I’ve decided to try something… simpler. I have frequently bemoaned not knowing what to do, needing someone else to prompt me (and getting silence) and not knowing what else to do to get writing again.

Well, through some trial and error that was actually somewhat painful, I have almost made tumblr workable as a way to get constant daily prompts. I found quite a few people who have blogs with prompts, and there are a lot of them that are fascinating (others are quite scary) and it’s my hope to start posting little prompted bits to Kabobble’s Choice like I used to.

Today the sum total of my accomplishments was to fill out some OTP questionaires about a story I’m not sure I’m writing, so I didn’t get much done, but right now I have a plan. I was thinking about posting the questionaire and answering it for various stories, but that seemed a little silly, but I still might someday. Some of them I think are kind of fun and might interest some people, or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

And, of course, I am open to people passing along any prompts they might have or suggestions for questionaires and pairings to see for them. Or just stories or worlds people want me to talk about. I love talking stories.

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