The Great Hat and Hair Experiment of 2012

So I have this maybe project that I think I would like to do.

It’s a bit of a challenge for me, but I hope it will keep me on track and give me some interesting times as I go along. At first, I was just thinking of trying a hat a day all year, but my thought was that there would be days that I didn’t want to have a hat.

Also, in writing Nickel and Dime, the character of Effie got my love of vintage clothes. Of course, she took it a step further than I ever did, has a bigger and more diverse collection, always styling her hair to match as well.

So then I thought that would be fun to try when I did get my older things out or even just when I felt like it or didn’t have a hat to match. I won’t  be able to do all of them with my current hair cut (and I won’t be cutting it since I hate having it short) but it should be interesting to see what I can do.

I will see how it goes. Today it was the slightly mushroom hat that matches the coat of awesomeness but isn’t nearly as “loud” as the psychedelic one, being just the one shade of purple all over.

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