Vacation Adventure Part Five: The Impromptu Book Signing

I woke up this morning with the epub version of Forgotten Legacy still giving me fits. I downloaded it to my phone to test it, but it wasn’t working. I tried it on the computer, and it seemed to be working, so I went to upload it everywhere.

I did it, and it gave me some errors.

Then I fixed what I could, got the various epubs up, cursed the website for not making posting the print version easier and cooler than it was forced to be, and then I published it all and sent out the updates for the website and Facebook.

Left that, went back to town to meet the tow driver, and it was time for dinner. Well, they ate inside. I went to the local A&W as I am picky eater deluxe and don’t like roast beef. I came back, ate my food in the Maxwell, ended up in more pictures of the car, again, and then finally went in to join the others.

Mom told me that people were interested in the book, and I was a bit in panic mode. I ended up signing a copy for them, wishing them a good run, and then she said she’d spread the word. She did.

I was unable to leave, caught as I was by people asking for the book. People were very interested in the fact that Grandpa’s car was on the cover of the book as well as sitting outside, so they wanted copies of the book. They wanted Grandpa to sign the book. So I signed copies, Grandpa signed copies, and finally the crowd thinned. I think I was pretty red and wanted to hide. I wanted to kind of disappear, not used to all the attention.

I went to the car with Grandpa, managed to start it on the first-ish try (after Grandpa actually turned it on, I’d tried before he did, too,) so we were able to put it away easily enough, but came back to find that we owed two more signatures.

I admit to being very surprised by the interest in the book and people wanting signed copies. I feel a bit weird about it all.

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