Vacation Saga 2018: Spills and Fears of White Vans

We got a later start on getting on the road this year, owing in part to my varied… er, issues? I was a bit scatterbrained all the way through packing, relying heavily on lists to get by and still managing to forget what I was doing about two seconds later.

There were upsets like “wow, none of my jeans fit, what happened???” and there were “crap, I can’t find that” panics and then there was… my new talent for spilling things.

If it was on me, I’d be tempted to quote Airplane and “that as much as anything led to my drinking problem,” but I didn’t actually spill anything on me. First I knocked over a thermos full of water trying to get a suitcase out the door.

Then as I was packing my dress bag, I knocked over my coffee cup, spilling the last of my precious coffee all over the floor.

Still, in spite of that, we made it on the road. In addition to the usual game of watching for horses (Mom totally won and possibly cheated as she ended with thirty-seven and I got three) we were on the lookout for white vans like the one that stalked us last year.

We did actually see several, and a few of them acted a little suspicious, but we ended up leaving them all behind or they turned off, so no stalking occurred.

Then I was starting to get a little fuzzy like maybe a migraine might be coming on, and so I stopped driving to rest, and I was just trying to move the box of crackers when I lost control of it and dumped it all over the floor of the car for spill number three.

Those are good crackers, too. It was a real shame.

Still, we made it through the night minus a few crackers and no white vans, so that has to count as a victory, right?

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