Vacation Saga Day Five: An Auspicious Seat Choice

The day was a rather mild one, fairly usual for this part of the journey. We got up, loaded the car, and set off to New London.

There was construction so we had to take a different route, but it went well. The usual things happened, too, like parking the trailer, unloading the Maxwell, and going to where we usually stay.

In fact, it was so ordinary a day it almost felt like there was nothing to talk about.

One thing of distinction, I suppose, comes in that they had a Thursday night meal that I actually liked and was willing to eat, me being a picky eater and all. So I joined Grandpa and Mom at the dinner to meet the tow drivers (for the first time in years) and ended up sitting down next to someone who was interested in my books.

So I showed off the ones I had in print and ended up selling one of each book I have in print two times over.

Also I was told an interesting story about a mountain rescue and maybe have a new story idea? I’m not sure I have enough details or know how exactly to do it, but it’s a thought.

So it was productive, if a little quiet.

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