When in Doubt, Dance

So due to some personal circumstances that I’d rather not discuss, I was a rather useless mess when I got home from other work today. I was trying to do responsible things like cleaning, or if not housework, then it should have been writing.

Alas, it still was not to be. The flawed legal system really let us down today, and while I hope the evening goes better and my latest insanity will be at last appeased by a vehicular sacrifice, it was a rough afternoon.

I felt almost like crawling back into bed and giving up. After yesterday’s set back in getting another print version ready and the overwhelming sense that I won’t have all I want done in time, again, I did not need for the other stuff today to go wrong.

Still, I’m one of those people that always has music on in the background. I don’t like silence. So I put on iheart radio (I like streaming music to find new things to listen to or make huge lists of old favorites) and was trying to distract myself.

Wouldn’t you know, it worked? Not in the way I thought, not really, but periodically as I moved around I found myself starting dancing. Just random, few bits of steps and bounces (okay, I can’t dance,) but it seemed to help and I keep doing this little bounce as I move. It’s not that I’m all better (I’m not) but dancing a bit helped.

2 thoughts on “When in Doubt, Dance

  1. Liana Mir says:


    I always put on music when I hit serious lows. It does help to dance. Blessings!

  2. kabobbles says:

    Yeah. It doesn’t work very well when one is already sore and hurting, or I’d have tried to use it more lately, and I was tempted to get more music, but I am unfortunately quite… without the flexibility to do so at present. I wish I could make any of it better… all I do is make it worse.

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