All We Want to Do Is Eat Your Brains

This may just be the best zombie song ever.

I was introduced to it by a video game, of all things. It was a discounted song for Rockband, but ever since we got it, we have had a blast singing it, even if all we do is the part that goes, “We’re not unreasonable. I mean, no one’s gonna eat your eyes.”

Naturally, when writing the zombie section of Any Other Reality, this song had to come up, along with Plants vs. Zombies, that addictive video game.

This is my favorite Re: Your Brains video.

Kabobbles Sing Along is just what I think when I hear songs. I sometimes see images when I hear lyrics, pictures or movies in my head. Sometimes I relate it to stories. My interpretation of the songs and lyrics are probably nothing like their original intent.

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