Celebrate with Kabobbles

We are having a minor party of sorts.

This week, we released a new ebook, The Consultant and the Cat.

We retooled the serial page and the individual serial landing pages to include an index for all of the scenes for each story. The header on each serial entry now links to the index page, and so now they should be easier to navigate.

Since we’re celebrating, we’re going to have a few things to look forward to this weekend:

A Perfect Sunset is close to wrapping up, and so people can soon enjoy the end of that.

We’ll be launching a new science fiction serial, Even Better than Dreams.

And as a bit of a sneak peek, we’ll post part of a possible sequel to The Consultant and the Cat that involves some characters people might recognize from a short story currently in the Kabobble’s Choice section.

We’ll also be taking some time this summer to enjoy the Renaissance Festival. That will probably mean another entry in my series on the clothes I own and am making if not other things.

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