Introducing Themed Snippets

I still haven’t quite gotten organized enough to have a new serial up and running.

I have a plan there, but I still need some time, and it would be better if I could find the ending, so in the meanwhile, I thought it best to continue the trend of sharing some writing every day that I started back up when I did Nano.

So I thought: what about a short snippet in Kabobble’s Choice every day?

These won’t necessarily be connected, though they will follow a daily theme, and they can be from any story I’ve written or am writing.

Here’s the schedule I’m thinking of:

Sunday Silly – something lighthearted and funny
Monday Mayhem & Mystery – something from a case or some action, it depends
Tuesday Truffles – I’m thinking the chocolate type of truffles… that is, sweet moments
Wednesday Wardrobe – scenes that open up a character’s closet and their fashion sense (I see a lot of appearances from Effie here)
Thursday Travel – scenes involving talk of travel, the journey, or the aftermath
Friday Foibles – characters make mistakes, and they have to try and make up for them
Saturday Songs – something inspired by a song or a song brings up the scene when I hear it

Today I will start it off with an older prompted piece that falls under Sunday Silly, An Excellent Throw Rug.

If anyone has something they’d like to see or other suggestions, feel free to comment and let me know.

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