It’s November, and That Means…

So I know I have yet to organize a new serial. I haven’t finished or fixed the issues with Even Better than Dreams or The Squirrel Prince.

I also haven’t been as good about adding to the other categories as I said I would be. I am not very good at nonfiction, which was why I’d decided to promise only the serial in the first place.

I apologize.

I do have a bit of good news, though. Well, depending on one’s opinion, of course, but it is November. That is National Novel Writing Month.

I have participated in Nano since 2009, won every year since that first, and I may have mentioned that my first published novel was the one I wrote for Nano in 2010.

Last year, I posted the parts of the story I was writing to my livejournal as I wrote it, but this year, I will be posting them here. I don’t have a sequel, and you will be seeing the roughest of rough drafts as I’ll just be grabbing the closest stopping point at the end of my writing day and posting it.

Still, since I don’t have a sequel, maybe this is worth enjoying.

Maybe not.

I’m creating a new section of the site for it, and the first few scenes will be here. I’ve got no art for this, not even a title, as I am only eight hundred words in and still figuring things out as I go along, but I am crazy enough to share the journey, so here goes.

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