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Right now, of course, there are two serials being posted daily, as Complete Consumption and the first part of Fire and Water are done. Inheritance and The Not-So-Super Superhero are still being posted here.

I asked for opinions on what a good choice of a new serial would be, and I was given suggestions of either a fantasy story or a historical fiction/mystery.

So now I have posted bits of each, and I will keep posting new bits daily until the site’s relaunch and the release of the latest Kabobbles ebook happens. There’s time to let me know which one people want to see most.

If, of course, people want both, that’s okay, too.

If another story would interest you more, go ahead and leave a comment to say what it might be.

If you’d prefer to use facebook or twitter to “vote,” that’s fine.


See the Stories in Question


For the one I thought was a fantasy, one I think I’ll call A Perfect Sunset, a tale in which a reluctant queen becomes involved in intrigue in a kingdom ruled by a tyrant and on the verge of revolution.

Start with Resigned to Their Fate.

2. It Isn’t Easy Being Queen 3. A Bit of Hope 4. The Curiosity of the Queen 5. Two Rebels, Two Fools 6. The Waiting Game of Subterfuge 7. The Queen and the Maid 8. The Queen’s Blade 9. Wishing for Darkness 10. The Queen, the Bird, and the Cage 11. Decision Made 12. More Trouble for the Queen 13. Considering the Queen as a Pawn 14. The Queen’s Apology 15. The Queen in Shock 16. Tending to the Queen 17. Rest Brings Revelation.

The latest part is More Revelations.

For the historical, Identity Theft, a story in which a man learns that his name has been used by someone else while he was at war. He sets out to find the man who stole his name and help those whom the imposter betrayed.

Start with Identity Theft.

2.The Patriarch and the Letter 3. The Ladies and the Letter, 4. An Unpopular Opinion 5. In a Delicate Condition 6. Determined to Travel 7. First Impressions 8. Troubled Consciences 9. Continuing On 10. A Matter of Signature 11. Conflicting Opinions 12. A Little Less Awkward 13. A Friendlier Sort of Meddling 14. All Apologies 15. The Show Must Go On.

The most recent part is Perhaps a Turnabout.

***There are links on the bottom of the page to get you to the next part.***

Have fun reading.

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