I’m sorry I saw you. I meant to stay blind.

I’m not even sure that any more ever needs to be said, but that’s only one of the lyrics I like so much about this song. Those lyrics inspired a couple of short stories I wrote, and I offered them to others as a challenge.

Someday, I think, I’d like to do more. It’s all about having enough time.

Not that I’ll ever have enough time.  No one ever does. That would be funny, though, if there was enough time…

I’m glad that I’m laughing. It’s a good way to die.

Gonna make it alone, and that’s what’s so sad.

Kabobbles Sing Along is just what I think when I hear songs. I sometimes see images when I hear lyrics, pictures or movies in my head. Sometimes I relate it to stories. My interpretation of the songs and lyrics are probably nothing like their original intent.

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