Vacation Saga Day Fourteen: The Cold that Nearly Thwarted the Drive Home

So I woke up feeling a bit icky again Saturday morning, with either a migraine forming or just the head cold being obnoxious. It was not a great feeling, but I was able to help load up the car, prompting Grandpa to state that there was no way we’d had all that stuff in the bedroom, but we had.

We shared my leftover shrimp pasta for breakfast, and it was super yummy. Then we headed out, stopping for some Caribou and to shop our favorite store, Vintage Point. There was a lot of neat stuff there, and we surprised them by telling them we were driving back. They even said they would have opened early for us to get on the road. That was nice of them, and we got some neat stuff, much more than we should have.

We were almost on the road when I remembered the lefse, so we stopped and got some. We even picked up lunch from the charity fundraiser for homeless kids outside the store.

We went on, making our usual stop at the Redlin center in Watertown. It’s always beautiful to see, even if I’ve looked at the paintings before. They usually have different stuff in the gift shop, and this time was no exception. We had a hard time choosing our one souvenir for the trip and heading out.

I drove for a bit after that, since Mom figured I should try before I got really bad, and my headache was not terrible at that point. So I drove until Sioux Falls, but that was as much as I could do as I was getting nauseous. The cinnamon roll might have helped a little, since I was able to resume driving after Sioux City, but I only lasted to a rest area outside Lincoln and that was it.

I was getting worse cold-wise and very not up to much because of my head hurting. The attempt to nap failed completely because I’d start sneezing or coughing and couldn’t rest. I doubt Mom got much rest, either, but she continued on anyway.

I kept trying to be better enough to drive again, but it didn’t happen. Mom had to drive all the way back home, and once there, I took some extra strength cold medicine and went to bed.

But we made it home safely despite the cold and my inability to drive, so there’s that. Now to resume life as usual and all the projects I left behind.

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