Vacation Saga Day Thirteen: Catch of the Day: Dirt

So the cold that I’d sort of felt coming on for a while really decided it wanted to come in full force on Friday. I did not want to get up at all I felt that icky.

I did, and after breakfast and a bit of repacking, I went out to join Grandpa in the sorting process again. I knew he wasn’t going to stop until he had it done, and as much as Mom’s suggestion of staying in bed so I could be rested up appealed to me, I went out to help.

It was not the funnest job ever, but I made enough progress so we could take my bucket and fill the holes in the yard where Grandpa wanted them filled in, and then I sorted more.

I ran out of space in my bucket a second time, so I went back and finished up the yard with what I had, filling in as much as I could, and then I helped finish up the last of the sorting. It took most of the day to do it, ending just in time to watch Let’s Make a Deal.

I showered off the dirt, and we went out for dinner, trying for an early bird’s special at Red Lobster, but it was the wrong day for that, apparently, as it was Friday. I ended up with the usual, since I am such a creature of habit.

Grandpa had avoided my choice as he felt his Walt’s favorite were soggy last time, but they were fine to me. I even made one of mine do a little dance on its way to the cocktail sauce (I was feeling a little silly as I was sick.) It was a bit too much food, as usual, but the best part of meals like that is that they’re two meals, and I can enjoy the next one later.

We were leaving in the morning, but I figured it would be a good breakfast, so I kept it.

After we got back, we played cards. Whist went badly again (I may never win a second time) but I won dimes, so I guess there is that.

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