Vacation Saga Day Twelve: I Still Don’t Understand Yardwork

So Grandpa had done part of the edging while we were gone, but there was more to finish with an extension cord. It was about as easy as it was the first time, at least when it came to the parts not along the driveway, which was newer.

We had finished most of the front when one of Grandpa’s neighbors came over and offered a power edger. Mom told him we were almost done, but he told us to tell Grandpa not to be shy about asking to borrow it.

I kind of wish we had because Grandpa gave us more to do when we finished the first part. We did that, too, and I carried back the extra dirt only to learn that Grandpa wanted to sort it out to use to fill in holes.

Sorting dirt.

Grandpa and I sat with buckets and separated it from the old grass, sifting it through grates. I got half a bucket the first day and then we ended up taking a break to run some errands.

So I escaped the pile of dirt temporarily, but it was not to last. There was more for the next day.

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