Want to Be of Artistic Assistance?

I could use some help in creating a temporary cover art for the pages to introduce my latest serials.

I actually made a couple that I really like, but alas, I don’t have the rights to use those images. So I have to create something that will work in the meantime to make them look nice until the cover artist is able to do a full original piece for them.

Anyway, the two stories in question are A Perfect Sunset and The Stolen Name aka Identity Theft. The first is sort of fantasy, and the second is a historical mystery of sorts set about the end of WWI.

So I have a few stock photos I’m thinking of using as a basis, but I need to narrow them down, and so if you want to give me your input, I’d appreciate it.

I have a lot of possibilities for A Perfect Sunset, but most of them feature the queen (I could go cloaked figures for the Nebkasha) but I could use any of these:


Medieval Dress




I had a hard time finding good ones for the historical. If anyone knows of better ones, let me know.

Vintage Pregnancy

Vintage Birds

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