An Update and a New Schedule

I have to apologize to anyone who has come to the site looking for new stuff, as I haven’t been very good at updating lately.

The cover artist is currently out of town, and my plan of adding The Squirrel Prince as the new serial has hit a few snags. One: it lacks a nice cover. I’ve got the picture I drew that inspired the prompt that launched it, but I am, admittedly, not an artist. I dabble in drawing, usually moody pencil sketches or pretty dresses, but I’m not an artist. Two: I got stuck. Again. I had gone through, edited the story, wrote new scenes, and made progress to the tune of about ten thousand words, and then I stalled again. After what happened with Even Better than Dreams, I don’t want to put up anything that’s not complete or near complete. It does help me to have a post deadline to make, but it hurts, too, and I don’t know at this point if I can salvage Even Better than Dreams so I don’t want to risk that again.

Third: I’ve been sucked into a new story that I find extremely compelling. Fracture and Recall have almost all of my attention at the moment, and that’s not fair to anything I might post, either.

I also realize I’ve neglected all other sections of my website for far too long. That said, I’ve decided to try a weekly schedule where I have a day (or two) for each of these sections: Kabobbles on Writing, Kabobbles on Art, Kabobbles Sing Along, and Kabobbles on Kabobbles. There are only four categories and seven days in a week, so I thought I might double up on some of them. I was thinking of the doubles being in Sing Along and Art, with entries in Kabobble’s Choice to go along with those posts if possible. I’m not sure if I want three days of Sing Along (it was the easiest for me to write about before) or not, but I do think I’ll start there again. Sunday Sing Along sounds nice.

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