Important News Regarding Serials

I wanted to fix Even Better than Dreams without having to start over from scratch.

I thought I could just add a few more scenes and possibly take some out and that would fix things.

I have found, however, that it won’t. The issues cannot be patched like that. It needs to be redone from start to finish.

I will be removing it from the site, and I do not believe I will put it back up as a serial. I don’t think that the fixes I had in mind would be enjoyable in a serial format. I will release it as a full novel if I manage to get the underlying problems addressed. If not… Well, it may never see the light of day again.

That said… I don’t want to leave the site without a serial, so I thought I’d ask what people might like to see. I’ve got started or completed projects from all my genres that I could post or I can even start something new.

Just tell me what you’d like to see:

A mystery?
A historical?
A combination?

Here are some stories that I’ve posted bits of from various categories, and I can provide more samples if people are interested. Some of the pieces might not be the best representation of the genre, but they are from longer stories that I would classify in those genres.





Grace’s story:

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