Notice Regarding Even Better than Dreams

There are a few things I should mention. Things I meant to mention sooner.

One is a bit… humbling, so you can understand my reluctance to do so, but here is the truth: I have to overhaul Even Better than Dreams. I’m not talking about the sort of thing I would leave to fix when I got it ready to publish. I mean that I have to go back and add some earlier scenes and quite possibly cut or alter others. I realized that it was not working to keep the point of view of the story limited to either Ahreddan or Amnisty. Wade, Mayda, and Rheda at least need scenes. I don’t know about others, but as the story was going into arc three, it is necessary for them to be able to tell what they have been up to.

So I will make sure to include any links to new scenes and remark on deleted ones here on this news post (the serial page, here, should reflect those changes as well) but there will be no new scenes for the story until I have finished going through the story.

In the meantime, I will be adding things to Kabobble’s Choice for people to read if they like. I forgot to mention the prompt-fest I was hosting in honor of the conclusion of Fire and Water’s 239,000 saga, but there is one on-going, and when I get organized, I’ll post those short pieces to Kabobble’s Choice as well.

If you feel like adding to the prompts, comment anywhere/anyway you feel like it (here on this post, on facebook or twitter, or on the prompt page.)

New scenes for Even Better than Dreams:

Altered scenes:

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