Want to See Something New in Kabobbles’ Choice?

It has been a while since there was anything new in Kabobble’s Choice.

There is still fiction being written and edited, and I was able to keep up with posting new parts of the Even Better than Dreams serial while I was traveling. There is still work going into print versions of the books and other aspects of releasing new titles as well.

However, there’s been a true lack of short pieces in Kabobble’s Choice.

(Yes, I know, there haven’t been much posts in anything but the serials of late. I’ve got to get back into that, and I will, I promise. There’s plenty of stuff coming for that. I have an overdue post about the New London New Brighton tour that was a part of Inheritance. I have a couple of “From a Character’s Closet” and “Why We Write” pieces that need to be done as well.)

Today, though, I thought I’d reach out to see if anyone has anything they’d like to see.

I promise to keep it under 1,000 words (unless you say you want it longer) to make it easier to find the time to read.

I can pull an excerpt from something and share it based on what people would like to read: a family moment, a romantic one, some angst, etc.

I can write something new for something old, that is to say with characters I’ve written before. This could be an alternative point of view for a scene or something else, any of the above options are available.

I can write something new for something new.

I can add some random lyrics or pictures or quotes for people to pick from if that would help. I’m just interested in doing some shorter pieces that people would like to read.

Prompt away!

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