Fire and Water

For years, Enya Royston has hidden from herself and her abilities, fearing the destruction that always comes with using them. The others embraced their talents, but she turned away from them. Now, though, everything has changed, and their paths have twisted up together again, forcing them to reevaluate the choices they made and how they will go forward from here. The past stands ready to destroy them, and if it doesn’t get them, their enemies will.

The Not-So-Super Superhero

Every superhero has a story, a tale of how they discovered their ability and became a hero.

Some superheroes have tales of glory and some of woe. Some overcome great odds and personal trials. Some, on the other hand, just whine about it.

Clayton’s story is more of a cautionary tale, a long, often painful but sometimes hilarious journey towards that elusive goal of being a hero.

Just start with a lame superpower, add in an aversion to spandex, and everything else will follow.

Complete Consumption

For most people, being likened to a black hole is an insult. For one alien, though, it is an accurate description. A child of the vortex, subject to an insatiable hunger, he fights against his own nature to consume. His kind know only destruction, but he seeks knowledge instead, a way to keep the hunger from devouring everything. At the very least, humans have been… entertaining.