Today’s Grand Accomplishment: Brushing My Hair

Oh, sure, let the mockery begin, but I have just one question for you…

Have you ever brushed your hair with a migraine?

If you have, you know what that’s a great feat. It’s not half as simple as it sounds. Or as we take for granted.

Which is to say that of late, the frequency and severity of my migraines has increased, and I’ve actually been sick on and off since October, when I came down with pneumonia. Between the migraines, the lingering issues from the pneumonia, an increase in my anxiety and panic attacks, plus a crazy work schedule, I’ve been sick a lot.

I’ve managed to keep up with work, barely, but between work, being sick and the dismal failure that was Nano last fall, I haven’t had much to speak of on the writing front.

I’ve been down with a bad case of writer’s block, too, much as I wish it was different.

This weekend is the first time I’ve felt up to doing much of anything with my time off work, so I’m hoping to have something to share for a change. We’ll see how it goes.

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