Dialogue Prompts 51-75

51. “I used to say no one’s that stupid. Then I met you.”

52. “Tell me the truth.”
“I can’t talk to you.”
“You can’t just say that and ignore me.”
“You want the truth? The truth is… I can’t talk to you.”

53. “It’s just a thing. Let it go.”
“You just don’t get it. It’s not just a thing. It’s a memory. It’s a thousand feelings held in one small object. And those can’t be replaced.”

54. “That is so not a ritual prayer dance.”
“Yes, it is. I danced it praying they wouldn’t kill me. And now it’s a ritual because I do it every year.”

55. “Sometimes you give your heart away for nothing. For someone or something that can’t or won’t let love you back.”
“Is that what you think you did?”
“You never cared about me at all. Of course it is.”

56. “You know, when most people want to quit their job, they find another one first and then give notice. You, on the other hand…”
“Yeah, believe me, that did not go as planned.”

57. “I didn’t realize we were playing a game.”
“Oh, we were. The rules are simple. It’s a contest to see who can screw up their life more.”
“I take it you won?”

58. “What is this?” 
“I’m sending it to reassure everyone.”
“I’m only going to say this once: no one was ever reassured by a form letter.”

59. “This isn’t what I ordered.”
“So? It’s what you need.”

60. “I was all set to be profound, but my mind’s completely blank.”

61. “They gave me a ribbon.”
“For participation.”
“It’s still more than you got.”

62. “I just got asked the most dreaded question in the world.”
“Oh? What exactly is that?”
“Why aren’t you married yet?”

63. “No one can own the darkness. It owns them.”

64. “Every time you tell me to do something, I have the overwhelming urge to do the exact opposite.”
“Fine, then. Don’t kiss me.”
“I’m not that stupid.”

65. “I love this time of year.”
“Well, that cinches it. You are an idiot.”

66. “They said you’d be here.”
“And you still came? You’re either braver than I thought or…”

67. “Quit singing.”
“I’m not singing. I’m humming.”
“Quit humming, then.”
“Fine.” *starts singing*

68. “I’ve tried, but no matter what I do, it doesn’t make sense.”
“Life, you mean? It is pretty complicated.”
“Oh, I’m nowhere near figuring out life. I can’t even make this coffee pot work.”

69. “When I said that I missed you…”
“You really missed me?”
“No, more like…”
“You didn’t miss me at all?”
“Yeah. Like that.”

70. “Your cat tried to get in the computer bag. He must think it’s some kind of toy.”
“Maybe he just wanted to play with the mouse.”

71. “Have you done anything today besides play video games?”
“I got out of bed.”

72. “I gave you a gift.”
“I never asked for one.”
“You don’t have to, not with gifts.”

73. “Here’s to another bad financial decision.”
“You’ve been shopping online again, haven’t you?”

74. “My creativity is null and void.”

75. “I really don’t like this.”
“Come on, this is tame compared to some of the things I’ve asked you to do in the past.”
“Which is why I know it will go horribly wrong.”

Dialogue Prompts 26 – 50

26. “I need a job where I can keep working despite the fact that I’m a complete psycho.”
“Have you considered being a writer?”

27. “I’m scared, Mommy.”
“There are no monsters under my bed.”
“No, because they’re in my head.”

28. “You want to go do something?”
“No, I’m going to stay here under my blanket, buried in my misery.”

29. “They keep saying happiness comes from the inside. That is why I am going to die in misery.”

30. “This is why I don’t use social media. I just got a friend request from a creep.”
“Really? I just sent you a request—Oh.”

31. “Mommy, [sibling’s name] is distracting me!”

32. “Where are you? Get your watusi over here.”
“My watusi is on its way.”
(Actual dialogue from a gaming couple bickering over an instance.)

33. “You can’t rush genius.”
“Which is why you’ve done exactly nothing for the past decade.”

34. “You realize there’s more to life than video games, right?”
“Yeah, it’s called fandom.”

35. “Have you ever noticed how people say, ‘you have to believe me’ when they’re lying?”
“I did notice that was one of your favorite phrases, yes.”

36. “We’re lost again, aren’t we?”
“Whatever gave you that idea?”
“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe the dark, scary forest in front of us?”

37. “One of these days, your browsing history will get you in real trouble.”
“I’m not actually planning on taking over the world.”
“Then why do you need plans for a weapon of mass destruction?”
“I’m a writer?”

38. “You know, when you light a fire under someone, it’s not supposed to be a literal fire.”

39. “Call me crazy, but I don’t think there’s anything sexy about a love triangle. I don’t want two people fighting over me. I just want that one person that loves me for who I am, unconditionally, and that I can love wholeheartedly in return.”

40. “Why are you holding a thesaurus?”
“I need another way to say stupid.”
“You do realize that given the intelligence of the person of the person you’re trying to insult, it’s likely they won’t understand any of those words.”

41. “You realize how unhealthy that is, don’t you?”
“Do I criticize your coping mechanisms?”

42. “So, to sum it up, you’ve accomplished nothing with your life.”
“Well, I wouldn’t put it exactly like that.”
“How would you put it?”
“I’m a work in progress.”

43. “You are such a coward.”
“That’s not true. I take plenty of risks.”
“Refusing to pass on chain letters is not taking a risk.”
“Are you kidding? Have you seen what they threaten you with if you don’t? I’m putting my life on the line everyday.”

44. “Accepting hep is not a sign of weakness. We all need it sometimes.”
“That’s true, but… you just accepted help from your lifelong enemy. Don’t you think that is a little more than a sign of weakness?”

45. “You just spent the last twenty minutes defending a fictional character.”
“I’d defend you the same way… if you were worth defending.”

46. “You’re free to say that. You’ve never had to get your hands dirty. You can hold onto your ideals and your innocence, but that luxury doesn’t belong to everyone.”
“No, that’s your excuse. You threw away your morality the first chance you got. Don’t pretend it was life that did this to you. You chose it.”
“Do you realize what you’re choosing now with those words?”
“I am not so innocent as to think that you won’t try to kill me. I knew that before I came. My ideals didn’t change. I considered you a friend and came to offer you one last chance. If you’re so far gone that all you can do is kill me, you’re welcome to try.”

47. “The thing is, you carved yourself a place in my life, a hole only you can fill, and that would be fine if you were ever around, but you’re not. You cut way a piece of me, you hollowed out and emptied me so you’d have a place to belong… and then you threw it away and left me.”

48. “What is this list?”
“A disclaimer.”
“Of fifty reasons why I shouldn’t date you. Why did you give me this?”
“I… did you want to go out tonight?”

49. “You knew I was in love with you. You didn’t have to love me back. You weren’t obligated to. But what you did instead… that’s unforgivable.”

50. “You’re throwing this away?”
“But I gave that to you.”
“It, like you, is something I don’t need in my life.”

Dialogue Prompts 1 – 25

1. “Love is supposed to make you a better person.”
“Exactly my point. What we had wasn’t love.”

2. “Go and do awesome things.”

3. “Why didn’t they just do it like this? It would make so much more sense.”
(Heavy sigh or amused, bitter laughter, if you like.)
“Have you forgotten who you work for?”
“Right, forget I asked.”

4. “You’re so soft and squishy in the morning.”
“And we welcome yet another morning where I wonder why I married you.”

5. “You said ‘please.’ That negates your whole argument.”

6. “Okay, I have to ask… why did you name your kid ‘Myway?'”
“Well, I’d claim it was deep and profound, like I never wanted to be someone who strayed from their path, that my child was what kept me going, but honestly? I just wanted to be able to walk up to someone and say, ‘I’ve lost Myway.'”

7. “I don’t get it. People… like me.”
“You’re not that annoying. Why is it so surprising that they’d find something to like in you?”
“You don’t think maybe it’s a virus? Something went around and made the whole town crazy?”
“Are you kidding me?”
“Was it you? Tell me you did not poison the whole town so they’d like me.”

8. “I consider you the child of my heart.”
“That’s funny. I never considered you as someone having a heart.”

9. “I wanted to come up with something great and legendary that would leave a lasting impact on people and change things. I obsessed for weeks, I tried so many different ideas, and none of them worked. In the end, I turned in a blank canvas.”
“So you failed.”
“Some idiot called it art, said it was profound, and now I’m worth millions because of a blank page.”

10. “My body is falling apart.”
“You’re too young for that. Wait ’til you’re my age.”
“At this rate, I’m not so sure I’ll make it that long.”

11. “I’m an expert at self-sabotage. Really. You have no idea the depth of my ability to ruin my own life.”

12. “They say pride goes before a fall.”
“What pride? You’re a klutz.”

13. “I need a drink.”
“At this hour? I’m starting to think you’re an alcoholic.”
“No, just visiting family.”

14. “You just pissed them off. Again.”
“I know.”
“Don’t sound so proud of yourself. It’s not like it takes much.”

15. “You have to stop falling in love with fictional characters.”
“Why? It’s still a better relationship than I’ve had with anyone real in my life.”

16. “It’s cold.”
“Is that a hint?”
“If you insist.”
“Wait, no, I was just saying you could turn on the heat. No one said anything about hugging. Get off of me.”

17. “I don’t know why I listen to you. You’re a compulsive liar.”
“I’m a writer. I’m setting the narrative. There’s a difference.”
This is real life, not your novel.”
“How do you know? You’re just a character.”

18. “Do you ever feel the need to re-evaluate your life choices?”
“Only every day since I met you.”

19. “Please excuse me while I have a complete breakdown.”

20. “Sometimes I think life is overly complicated by computers.”
“Dude, how old are you?”
“Shut up. I’m in my thirties.”

21. “This is a lifelong bond.”
“You know, the more you say that about trivial things, the less meaning it has.”
“No, it just means I’m really loyal. I’ll stick to you to the end because we have the same favorite color.”
Heavy sigh.

22. “If that was you being inspirational, I’d hate to see what you’re like when you’re angry.”
“Fear is a valid motivational force.”
“Yeah, I’m not so sure ‘fear’ is what you just inspired.”

23. “What did you just say?”
“You told me to give you a nickname.”
“You call that a nickname?”

24. “The older I get, the more I realize I was never meant to be an adult.”

25. “Have you ever noticed that people apologize for being depressed? Like no one has to apologize for being sarcastic, and some don’t apologize for being rude or mean, but oh, boy, if you’re sad and dragging people down, you better start groveling now?”
“I’m sorry I’m not more fun.”
“See? That’s exactly my point.”

The Need for Outside Impetus

I think we all know the feeling. We have something we need or want to do, but we just don’t have it in ourselves to do it on our own.

I say a lot that writing is my coping mechanism. It’s a lot of things for me. Relaxation, productivity, sanity. I write not just because I want to, but because I need to. It can be close to a compulsion.

There are times, however, when that need to write is not enough on its own.

There are times when as much as I try, I can’t get myself unstuck or focused enough to write something, even if that something is a short scene. I try, but it’s not in me. Sometimes the stress of everything is too much, sometimes I’m feeling guilty about all the stories I want to work on and can’t, and sometimes it’s complete lack of inspiration. It’s other things, too. I could list other reason, but it doesn’t change the main point, which is, of course, that sometimes it is almost impossible to get stuff done without help.

Sometimes all we need is a bit of encouragement.

Sadly, that is usually not enough for me, though I do appreciate the moral support.

I have been forced to admit that I don’t make much of any progress on my own. I tend to hate everything I write and think it’s nowhere near good enough. I need help to get past that and finish things, which is why I’m always looking for someone who will read the story as I go along and tell me it’s not as bad as I think.

I also am almost always looking for prompts. I love prompts. I can’t always use them, but I so often need something outside of me to get me writing, and prompts are wonderful for that. Sometimes they help me find the bit I’m stuck on. Sometimes they get a bit more backstory out of me. Or sometimes I just get to revisit characters whose story is already done.

(Or I get tempted into new stories, which is not as good, but writing is writing.)

Of late, I had been so stuck it was painful. I couldn’t write. I had been making some progress on one of my old starts that had stalled, but that died out between horrible work schedules and stress and the usual suspect: depression and anxiety.

Fortunately, a friend had mercy on me and arranged a promptathon, and while I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to give any useful prompts, I found some lyrics to share and passed them on. And I’ve made an effort at filling a few prompts myself. I haven’t really felt like what I did was much good, but I tried.

I’m writing again, that’s the main thing. I needed help to do it, and I got it. For that, I am very grateful.

Even if I am currently afraid I won’t be able to do anything for the other prompts or keep going after I’ve run out of prompts.

Once More Stymied

I seem to have become stuck again.

I didn’t manage to get all the way through testing the digital care package. I’m not sure why I can’t find more with Dillon and Larina for it, they should be easy, lots of past and present and perhaps even future to fill in, but I can’t seem to get anything there.

Nor can I seem to summon up anything for my other project.

So… I may be off the site for a few days while I try to reorganize my head and get unstuck. Or until this mood passes. Or I find another story or other characters to fill in some of the gaps with.

To that end, if someone could point me in the direction of something different, I’d appreciate any suggestions I might get and will do my best to fill them in.

The basis for the care package is here, but I’m open to other prompts as well, since I don’t want to lose momentum now, not when I finally got things back almost stable again.

Want to See Something New in Kabobbles’ Choice?

It has been a while since there was anything new in Kabobble’s Choice.

There is still fiction being written and edited, and I was able to keep up with posting new parts of the Even Better than Dreams serial while I was traveling. There is still work going into print versions of the books and other aspects of releasing new titles as well.

However, there’s been a true lack of short pieces in Kabobble’s Choice.

(Yes, I know, there haven’t been much posts in anything but the serials of late. I’ve got to get back into that, and I will, I promise. There’s plenty of stuff coming for that. I have an overdue post about the New London New Brighton tour that was a part of Inheritance. I have a couple of “From a Character’s Closet” and “Why We Write” pieces that need to be done as well.)

Today, though, I thought I’d reach out to see if anyone has anything they’d like to see.

I promise to keep it under 1,000 words (unless you say you want it longer) to make it easier to find the time to read.

I can pull an excerpt from something and share it based on what people would like to read: a family moment, a romantic one, some angst, etc.

I can write something new for something old, that is to say with characters I’ve written before. This could be an alternative point of view for a scene or something else, any of the above options are available.

I can write something new for something new.

I can add some random lyrics or pictures or quotes for people to pick from if that would help. I’m just interested in doing some shorter pieces that people would like to read.

Prompt away!